Our identity 

We're 2.6 million in number—1.8 million young ladies and 800,000 grown-ups who trust in the energy of each G.I.R.L. (Hard worker, Trend-setter, Daring person, Leader)™ to change the world. 

Our remarkable trip started over 100 years back with the first G.I.R.L., Juliette Gordon "Daisy" Low. On Walk 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia, she composed the main Young lady Scout troop, and consistently since, we've respected her vision and heritage, building young ladies of mettle, certainty, and character who improve the world a place. 

We're the transcendent authority improvement association for young ladies. What's more, with programs across the nation and over the globe, Young lady Scouts offers each young lady an opportunity to rehearse a lifetime of authority, experience, and achievement. 

Our Main goal 

Young lady Exploring fabricates young ladies of mettle, certainty, and character, who improve the world a place. 

Young lady Scout Guarantee 

On my respect, I will attempt: 

To serve God and my nation, 

To help individuals consistently, 

What's more, to live by the Young lady Scout Law. 

Young lady Scout Law 

I will do my best to be 

legitimate and reasonable, 

inviting and supportive, 

obliging and minding, 

bold and solid, and 

in charge of what I say and do, 

what's more, to 

regard myself as well as other people, 

regard specialist, 

utilize assets shrewdly, 

improve the world a place, and 

be a sister to each Young lady Scout.


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